Women don’t get to exist. Women don’t get to say no.

this is why yall need to quit the nice guy act

hes a self proclaimed Men’s Rights Activist too lmao


my heart melted in two seconds


If James and Lily had lived, though.
Imagine a teenage Harry trying to sass James fucking Potter.

I’m the Slayer. Slay-er. Chosen One. She who hangs out a lot in cemeteries?

"In 2014, women still face a substantial income gap. On average, women earn 77 cents to every dollar white men earn. Women of color fare even worse with African-American women earning 62 cents, and Hispanic women earning 54 cents to the dollar. The gender wage gap is compounded by women’s overrepresentation in part-time work and low wage sectors, which overwhelmingly lacks fringe benefits. This weakens their chances to establish a solid economic future and instead heightens their economic vulnerability."
— Dedrick Muhammad, Huffington Post (via dylanludwig)